Nurse Portfolio

Nurse portfolio for NZACA members

There’s a new way to present a nursing portfolio, and the NZACA have an agreement with the College of Nurses Aotearoa (NZ) to provide to member organisations.

As a regulated workforce, registered nurses (RNs) have a professional responsibility to maintain their competence to practise. Evidence of continuing competence, or ‘practice evidence’ is sought by the Nursing Council of New Zealand (Council) every year, first in the form of an annual declaration as part of the Annual Practising Certificate (APC) process, which is required of every nurse. Then, alongside this, Council also randomly audit five per cent of the currently 57,000-strong nursing workforce for a ‘recertification audit’ – this means providing evidence of continuing competence to support the APC declaration. This comes in the form of a ‘portfolio’.

There is often confusion and anxiety for nurses if they are selected for this audit process, however only four pieces of evidence are requested for a recertification audit:

  1. verification of practice hours
  2. verification of professional development hours
  3. self-assessment against the competencies
  4. senior nurse or peer assessment against the competencies.

Created by NZ nurses for NZ nurses, is a flexible electronic portfolio, using Mahara software. The College has tailored an NZACA ‘institution’ with three ‘collections’ of Council competencies for:

  1. RNs in clinical practice
  2. RNs in clinical management
  3. RNs in management.

Nurses should select the collection which best describes their practice. can be accessed on any device – PC, laptop, phone or tablet – and, as it’s web-based, it can be used anywhere at any time. Nurses can also be reassured that the portfolio cannot be seen by anyone but the individual nurse, unless it is deliberately ‘shared’ by the nurse.

Remember, in a recertification audit, only include the evidence you have been asked to supply. Checklists are available on the Nursing Council website.

To register for email NZACA Office. You must be a registered nurse employed at a NZACA member care facility. There will be a small $25.00 annual fee to access this service.