Robyn Gray

Robyn has been in her role for 20 years and has seen the organisation grow and change from NZ Licensed Rest Home to Residential Care to HealthCare Providers NZ to NZACA.

Robyn has expertly managed the very successful annual conference over the 20 years, organising venues, selling the exhibition space and keeping the attendees and exhibitors alike happy.

When Robyn is not busy arranging the annual conference she organises, advertises and facilitates NZACA's annual education seminars and workshops for care staff, registered and enrolled nurses and managers held throughout the country.

The quarterly NZACA magazine Excellence in Care is another of Robyn’s responsibilities.  She sources content, sells advertising and makes sure it goes to print on time. Robyn also negotiates with suppliers of goods and services to aged care facilities in order to offer the best deals to members around the country.

Robyn has four adult children, two living in the UK and two in New Zealand. She has eight grandchildren.

In her spare time Robyn enjoys fly fishing and is often seen heading to Turangi on a Friday afternoon.