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This section is a compendium of information relating to interRAI.

It includes links to documents and presentations that discuss using interRAI outputs to support care planning and quality improvement in ARC, links to reports that demonstrate the benefits of ARC to its residents and so support the NZACA’s government and public communications, and links to guidance on how to carry out interRAI assessments more efficiently.


Integrating interRAI in your care facility workshops

NZACA and interRAI Services are jointly conducting a series of workshops for ARC managers, care managers, clinical managers and lead interRAI RNs on how to further integrate interRAI into their care facilities’ operations.

The purpose of the workshops is to update managers and lead interRAI RNs on:

  • the opportunities for efficiency gains and other improvements linked to the interRAI process
  • the new InterRAI New Zealand National Standards – how these influence the assessment process
  • considerations for changes in Level of Care
  • how accessing the interRAI Home Care assessment can inform short term care planning in ARC
  • CAPs and Outcome measures, and their use
  • what the interRAI Quality indicators and Quarterly Reports for care facilities tell us
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Caring for our older kiwis: the right place, at the right time

The NZACA engaged John McDougall, Data analyst in December 2016 to enhance the evidence base underpinning the aged residential care sector’s discussions with the Government.  The Caring for our older Kiwis report is based on analysis of interRAI assessment data.
One of the goals of the analysis was to show what happens to the health and social outcomes of an older person when they enter aged residential care. Because of this data analysis, we now have evidence that health and social outcomes significantly improve. The other goal was to evaluate the consistency of older people’s access to aged residential care across the DHB regions. First, we looked at access to aged residential care i.e. all care level combined. Next, we examined access of older individuals with very high support needs to hospital, dementia or psychogeriatric care levels within aged residential care. The analysis provides evidence of inconsistencies between DHBs in both.

The data provided to NZACA by interRAI New Zealand is anonymised, so neither the individuals nor their care facilities can be identified.  NZACA matched the assessments for a given (anonymised) individual and carried out longitudinal analysis of changes in their interRAI outcome scores.

The Caring for our older Kiwis report can be viewed at:

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InterRAI presentations at NZACA Conference 2018: Embrace the New Normal

There were two presentations at Conference 2018 centred on interRAI and how it can improve outcomes in aged care.

The keynote presentation at the conference was Dr Veronique Boscart (HR/Schlegel Industrial Research Chair for Colleges in Senior Care at Conestoga College, Canada) on  the international context of interRAI to deliver quality aged care: Big ideas for strengthening care in New Zealand.

Click here to view Veronique’s presentation.

The second presentation was given by an interRAI New Zealand team lead by Michele McCreadie, General Manager. The topic of the presentation was How we are all doing: interRAI and quality.  The presentation covers, first, the results of an investigation into interRAI data quality issues.  Second, it introduces interRAI Quality Indicators and how facility managers can interpret and make use of their confidential facility reports.

Click here to view Michele’s presentation.

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Other interRAI presentations

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Using interRAI for effective care planning

interRAI NZ has posted videos of Dr Michal Boyd, Associate Professor at Auckland University and nurse practitioner, talking about effective care planning and how interRAI can support care planning. The videos were taken in December 2017 when Michal was the guest speaker at the launch of the interRAI Data Visualisation tool.  To watch the videos of Michal’s presentation, go to
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InterRAI Data Visualisation tool

The interRAI New Zealand Data Visualisation tool is available on interRAI NZ’s website.  This on-line tool allows users to access interRAI data at national, DHB and population subgroup level. The tool is interactive, so that users can control the level of detail that they see.
To use the interRAI Data Visualisation tool go to:

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Video introduction to interRAI

InterRAI New Zealand has published two videos as resources to serve as introductions to interRAI for managers and RNs.  These are What is interRAI? and What are Outcomes and CAPs? You can view the videos at :

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Completing interRAI assessments efficiently

Discussion at the integrating interRAI in your care facility workshops has revealed that some interRAI assessors are continuing to use outdated editions of the National Standards.  This may be contributing to some interRAI assessments taking longer than is necessary.  The National Standards give guidance on how to carry out assessments efficiently, for example, by keeping comments concise.
A new edition of the LTCF National Standards (dated October 2018) has been published by interRAI NZ and is available at
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InterRAI New Zealand newsletters

interRAI New Zealand produces two newsletters:

  • Inside interRAI which presents operational updates to for the professional development of interRAI assessors and other technical users
  • interRAI informer which is a news update for a broader audience

These are available at:

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InterRAI Annual Report 2017/18

InterRAI New Zealand has recently published its Annual Report 2017/18. The report includes feature articles on first data from the Palliative Care assessment; the quality of interRAI data; interRAI Quality Indicators for measuring the quality of care; and, interradii’s “quality of life” wellbeing measures. The annual report is available at:
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Our Structure


Our Chief Executive is Simon Wallace. Click here to read more about Simon and the NZACA team.

Our Board

NZACA has an influential Board representing our diverse membership. The NZACA Board of Directors consists of seven elected representatives (one for each voting region and a chairperson), two large operator representatives and one appointed member. All Board Members are providers in aged residential care homes. The Chairman is Simon O’Dowd.

Our Branches

We have branches operating in 13 regions providing members with local networking opportunities and practical support.