13 April 2020

Covid-19 Infection Control Practices

Further to infection control advice given last week to members about keeping staff working in specific areas (units) rather than across whole facilities, it is recommended that management also develop a register of staff’s living accommodation (whom and how many people they live or flat with) and what work they undertake. This will assist management to ensure they are able to track and trace staff movements and identify who may be at risk on their staff in the event of any further Covid-19 cases.

Tracking and tracing of staff’s living arrangements has been highlighted by Public Health as a potential risk of transmission if aged care staff are living and working alongside family and friends (flatmates) who work in other aged care facilities or health care sites. This increases the risk of potential transmission and therefore staff should be advised of infection control protocols to adhere to when finishing their shift and going home.

It is advised that staff remove their footwear before entering their place of residence, remove clothing/uniform and shower immediately to mitigate any risk of transmission alongside the usual infection control precautions of hand washing and maintaining social distancing.

Rhonda Sherriff, NZACA Clinical Advisor, is available for members to seek clinical advice between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) on 0800 445 200 or helpline@nzaca.org.nz


Rhonda Sherriff
NZACA Clinical Advisor