The following is an excerpt from an opinion piece by NZACA Chief Executive Simon Wallace, featured in NZ Herald (Premium), 29 January 2021.

“With a rapidly ageing population and the number of people entering care projected to grow by up to 16,000 by 2030, there is no current policy or funding mechanism to increase the supply of new care beds to meet increasing demand and complexity of care needs.

All up, the sector is underfunded by approximately $425m a year, according to estimates, preventing investment in new and existing homes, limiting the sector’s ability to attract and retain a quality workforce and discouraging innovative practices or new models of care.

Yet the opportunity is huge. Long-term care in rest homes is proven to deliver better health outcomes and is highly cost­ effective for the Government  because it is provided at a significantly lower cost overall than DHB hospital care.”

Read the full article here.

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