21 May 2020

NZACA Guidance to Rest Homes at Covid-19 Level 2

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Covid-19 Level 2 consists of a gradual easing of lock down restrictions.  For aged residential care, most restrictions are at the discretion of the provider.

Best practice infection prevention and control practices are to be maintained.  Take a risk management approach using clinical judgement.

Below is the specific advice of the NZACA for level 2:


The Screening Form should be completed 2-days before admissions and provided to the rest home.


NZACA recommends a Covid-19 test with a negative result prior to admission of all new residents.


Wear a surgical mask for residents in 14-day isolation. Full PPE is not required for asymptomatic residents.

It is best practice to wear a surgical mask when in contact with residents.

Wearing of masks should be supported by hand hygiene.

For Covid-19 confirmed or probable cases full PPE to be worn, including N95 masks,

14-day Isolation

Maintain 14-day isolation for new admissions and re-admissions (after an over-night hospital stay).

Outpatient Appointments

There is not any requirement to put a resident into isolation following an outpatient appointment. It is advised that residents and staff wear surgical masks at appointments.

14-days isolation is advised if there are risks identified that must be mitigated. For example, if a resident enters a ‘red zone’ and/or is exposed to risks in an Emergency Department in a hospital.


Residents can leave the home, but it is advised that they maintain their ‘bubble’ and physical distancing. If they don’t, they may then be isolated for 14-days.


Staff should maintain the practices they adopted under levels 3 and 4.

Continue to zone your facilities as far as practicable and restrict staff movement between zones.


Visits are to be by appointment only. There must be a register of visitors.

The frequency and length of visits may be restricted so that there is adequate oversight.

Visitors must be asked screening questions prior to entry. Staff must explain procedures to them.

Visitors are only to go to the place allocated for the visit, usually the resident’s room.

Please see the full NZACA Level-2 Visitor Guidelines here.

Allied Workers

Every allied worker or contractor will need to follow the similar guidelines set out for all incoming visitors. That includes a register and screening questions on being met on arrival by staff.

Maintain social distancing where possible. Follow IPC practices and wear appropriate PPE. For example, hairdressers to remain in their salon and have full PPE.

Exit the facility doffing and disposing of all PPE appropriately and signing out as required.

Rhonda Sherriff, NZACA Clinical Advisor, is available for members to seek clinical advice between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) on 0800 445 200 or helpline@nzaca.org.nz


Neil Miller
Senior Policy Advisor


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