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The NZACA has released a report entitled Caring for our older Kiwis in which we share analysis of data collected through interRAI. 

While we are encouraged by the results of the analysis that shows the benefits for an older person of moving into aged residential care (ARC). The report raises a number of issues about the ability of many older people to access care when they need it, the results show that many older people are simply waiting too long to access care, and care at the right level varies according to where a person lives. This is postcode health. InterRAI was made mandatory by the Government in July 2015 to ensure adequate and consistent access to care for our older people through standardised assessments, but this is not happening on a regular basis.    

We are calling for the interRAI assessment tool to be applied and interpreted in the way they were intended - in a consistent way across all DHBs.  When a person has been formally assessed as requiring ARC, where being in a rest home will enhance their health and well-being, and where the families and residents themselves support this, then we must have consistent policies in place to enable older people to have equal access at the right level when they need it, regardless of where they live.

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