The NZACA engaged John McDougall, Data analyst in December 2016 to enhance the evidence base underpinning the aged residential care sector’s discussions with the Government.  The Caring for our older Kiwis report is based on analysis of interRAI assessment data.

One of the goals of the analysis was to show what happens to the health and social outcomes of an older person when they enter aged residential care. Because of this data analysis, we now have evidence that health and social outcomes significantly improve. The other goal was to evaluate the consistency of older people’s access to aged residential care across the DHB regions. First, we looked at access to aged residential care i.e. all care level combined. Next, we examined access of older individuals with very high support needs to hospital, dementia or psychogeriatric care levels within aged residential care. The analysis provides evidence of inconsistencies between DHBs in both.

The data provided to NZACA by interRAI New Zealand is anonymised, so neither the individuals nor their care facilities can be identified.  NZACA matched the assessments for a given (anonymised) individual and carried out longitudinal analysis of changes in their interRAI outcome scores.

The Caring for our older Kiwis report can be viewed at: