18 April 2017

Government announced the settlement for the Care and Support workers’ Pay Equity case.


02 May 2017

Settlement agreement signed between Government and unions.


May/June 2017

Ratification meetings for employees held throughout the country.


02 June 2017

Providers completed Ministry of Health workforce data collection tool.


08 June 2017

Care and Support Workers (Pay Equity) Settlement bill passes unanimously in Parliament.


30 June 2017

Three months advance payment to all providers to have been received by today to enable providers to apply the new wage rates.


01 July 2017

Care and Support Workers (Pay Equity) Act 2017 comes into force with the new wage rates applying from today.


14 July 2017

Last day to submit claim forms for employees who have attended ratification meetings to the Ministry of Health.


31 July 2017

Ministry of Health aims to have the data collection tool and guidance for annual leave liability sent out on 31 July. A Ministry team will be available to support providers to work through any technical issues.


August 2017

Leave liability data collection for each employee will continue. Ministry of Health will make final decision regarding the extra funding to help cover accrued leave. This will be an average of all employees’ outstanding balances up to a maximum of 160 hours per employee.


29 September 2017

Lump sum payments will be made from 29 September to providers towards leave liability, for leave accrued up until 30 June 2017.



Ministry of Health collecting workforce data from providers.


01 July 2018

Care and support workers progress to Year 2 pay increase.