Nurses Liability Insurance

Nurses Liability Insurance for NZACA members


NZACA has formed a partnership with insurance and risk advisers Aon New Zealand to provide a range of insurance packages to NZACA members, and nurses working for member entities under a special liability insurance package.

On-going changes within the regulatory environment, increased scrutiny on competencies and higher professional standards of practice mean that today’s health professional faces increased risk in their everyday activities.

Both legislative and social changes have made it necessary for nurses to take responsibility for their own professional protection and financial security.

Insurance or indemnities provided by an employer is nice to have, however it can leave you short on protection, restrict your involvement in the management of the claim, complaint or investigation and create a potential conflict of interest and your ability to independent representation.

NZACA Member Nurses can access our specially designed professional liability insurance plan.

2020-2021 renewals

The Professionals Indemnity (Malpractice), Public Liability and Statutory Liability insurance covers currently in place are due to expire on 1 August 2020.  Due to the late timeframe, we have secured an extension with the insurer and therefore forms are due no later than 10 August 2020. 

The Insurer requires completion of a new proposal form each year to renew the covers. Please ensure this has been fully completed and returned to us no later than 10 August 2020 to enable us to complete the renewal process prior to expiry of your current covers.  Once the application is completed please return to

Aon are pleased to advise that they have secured an agreement with Chubb Insurance New Zealand Limited (Chubb) to offer renewal terms for the Professionals Indemnity (Malpractice), Public Liability and Statutory Liability insurance covers with added Coronavirus exclusions.  The exclusions highlight the need for a facility to be pro-active and responsive following the experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic and whilst the management plans and policies will be the responsibility of the business, it is important that you know what is being done to protect them and their patients.  Please refer to the policy summary, here.

It is important that we remind you of the “claims made and notified” nature of the insurance policies.  This means that you must immediately notify any claims, potential claims or circumstances as soon as you become aware of them during the policy period.  Once the policies have expired, no claims or potential claims or circumstances can be notified against them.

Liability policies (excluding General/Public Liability) are provided on a “claims made” basis.  This means that it is the policy in place at the time you become aware of a circumstance or claim that will respond, not the policy in place at the time the event giving rise to the circumstances or claim occurred.  It is therefore vital that you advise Aon of any claims or matters currently involving you, that may require insurance notification before your current policy expires.

However, if you no longer require the covers, your response will be much appreciated.

Run-Off Insurance

  • If you are not replacing your insurance cover and would like to continue to have indemnity cover against the risk of a claim or compliant being taken against you for past activities, we can arrange this under a run-off insurance policy.
  • Your insurer can arrange a 3 year run-off insurance based on the premium shown on the application form.  The run-off insurance is subject to completion of a No Claims Declaration each year until the 3 years of run-off expires.
  • If you are interested in taking up this offer for Professional Indemnity insurance in ‘run-off’ please confirm by return email to Aon, including the reason for your ceasing to practice and completion of the application form.

Please feel free to contact Clare Gibson at Aon should you have any queries.

Application form and information about
protection and support

NZACA Nurses Liability Insurance Application Form 2020-21 :

 Download here (PDF) | Download here (Word)

The fee for Nurses Liability Insurance is $168.70 for the full year, but if you join during the insurance year the fee is reduced. Please contact National Office for more information before you submit your application.

NZACA Nurses Liability information about protection and support | Download here

PLEASE NOTE: the Nurses Liability Insurance offered through NZACA is available to nurses in NZACA member care homes only.

For information about insurance cover for non-members please contact Clare Gibson at Aon