Advocacy and Policy

Advocacy and Policy for the Aged Residential Care Sector

The New Zealand Aged Care Association is the largest and most influential association representing all parts of New Zealand’s aged residential care sector.

We are a powerful advocate, working to ensure this important sector gets the recognition and support it needs to provide excellent care for New Zealand’s older citizens.

We represent 91% or approximately 36,000 beds from New Zealand’s aged residential care sector. The services they provide include rest home, hospital, dementia and psychogeriatric care, as well as short-term care.


Strong collective voice and influence.


Compendium of information relating to interRAI.


It’s all in the figures.

Nursing Leadership Group

Recognised voice of Aged Care Nursing.

Pay Equity

Information on the Care and Support Worker (Pay Equity) Settlement Act 2017.


Information on immigration and aged care.