There is currently a global outbreak of a new coronavirus disease called COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). Information on the disease is provided by the Ministry of Health here.

COVID-19 makes people sick, usually with a mild to moderate upper respiratory tract illness, similar to a common cold. For those with a weakened immune system, including the elderly, there's a chance the virus could cause a lower, and much more serious, respiratory tract illness like a pneumonia or bronchitis.

Rest homes are used to managing illness and the staff know how to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. At the same time NZACA is working hard to ensure that national plans are in place to respond appropriately to the increased risk posed by COVID-19.

Comprehensive and up to date information can be found on the Ministry of Health website or For information regarding travel and border restrictions refer to Immigration New Zealand

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For MOH information to help support a safe transition to Alert Level 2 for aged care click here

NZACA Industry Advice

21 May 2020

Advice for Rest Homes on Covid-19 Level 2 | View here 


20 May 2020

A conversation with the Nursing Leadership Group at Covid-19 Level 2 | View here 


7 May 2020

Aged Residential Care visitor guidance at level 2, for facilities with no known cases of COVID-19 | View here 


24 April 2020

COVID–19 advice for rest homes at Alert Level 3 | View here


13 April 2020

COVID–19 infection control practices | View here 


9 April 2020

COVID–19 staffing guidelines to consider for multi care level ARC sites | View here 

8 April 2020

COVID-19 testing and admissions into ARC - reply from Dr Ashley Bloomfield | View here 

3 April 2020

COVID-19 testing admission guidelines | View here 

COVID-19 Q+A, NZACA Clinical Advisor Rhonda Sherriff | View here 
Topics include:
- Upskilling RNs in Venepuncture
- Employees over 70 self isolating during COVID-19 outbreak

26 March 2020

COVID-19 Q+A, NZACA Clinical Advisor Rhonda Sherriff | View here 
Topics include:
- Are face masks effective protection from COVID-19?
- How do we manage staffing of facilities and dedicated staffing areas?
- Must there be 48 hours clearance before sick staff can return to work?

24 March 2020

Template letter -  essential worker ARC | Download here


18 March 2020

COVID-19 Q+A, NZACA Clinical Advisor Rhonda Sherriff | View here
Topics include:
- How do we support staff who are fearful and anxious?
- Do we need to have more than the usual back up supply of medicines?
- What do we do if we can’t access PPE from the local DHB?
- Should we be restricting visitor access to our facilities?
- How do we get APCs for nurses who have retired?
- How do we staff our facilities if our workers are getting sick?
- Should I be recording where my staff have travelled to, or are travelling to?

2 March 2020

Member Update - Clinical Management of COVID-19 in Aged Care | Download here


Health Information 

21 May 2020

MOH Alert Level 2 guidance for managing residents entering and exiting aged residential care facilities | View here 


6 May 2020

COVID-19 Screening Form: For a person to enter an aged residential care facility | View here


23 March 2020

HealthCERT audits cancelled until September 2020 | View here 


6 March 2020 (first published)

COVID-19 Information for Aged Care Providers from Ministry of Health | View here


5 March 2020

MOH Resource - Protect yourself from COVID-19 poster English version | View here 

MOH Resource - Protect yourself from COVID-19 poster simplified Chinese version | View here 


Information for Employers

28 May 2020

Immigration New Zealand COVID-19 Update 28 May 2020 | View here 

Immigration New Zealand Information for employers of temporary migrants May 2020 | View here 

21 May 2020

Immigration New Zealand COVID-19 Update 21 May 2020 | View here


14 May 2020

Immigration New Zealand COVID-19 Update 14 May 2020 | View here  


13 May 2020

Immigration New Zealand COVID-19 Update 13 May 2020 | View here

4 May 2020

IRD Recent events update Important message for businesses 4 | View here 


15 April 2020

Immigration New Zealand Update including relaxed visa conditions | View here 


6 April 2020

COVID-19 essential worker leave payment application - WINZ | Visit page


2 April 2020

Exceptions to border closure for essential health workers - Immigration NZ | View here 

29 March 2020

Changes to wage subsidy scheme at Alert Level 4 - Employment NZ | Visit page


17 March 2020

COVID-19 Employer Support - WINZ | Visit page

Government's Health Package Factsheet | Download here

Immigration New Zealand

Latest Operational Amendment Circular (2020-18) | Download here


NZACA in the News

22 May 2020

Stuff - Coronavirus: Low staff levels must be part of any reviews into rest home outbreaks | View here


19 May 2020

NZ Herald - Covid-19 Budget fails aged care workers | View here 


16 May 2020

NZ Herald - Covid 19 coronavirus: Inside the deadly St Margaret's rest home cluster | View here 


13 May 2020

Stuff - Time to 'loosen the rope' in rest homes: Visiting rules in Covid-19 Alert Level 2 explained | View here


12 May 2020

RNZ - Today is international nurses day, aged care nurses underpaid | Listen here 

Newstalk ZB - How rest homes will operate under alert level 2 | Listen here 

Newshub - How frontline medical staff celebrated International Nurses Day amid the coronavirus pandemic | View here 

Seven Sharp - Seven Sharp celebrates nurses on International Nurses Day | View here

Stuff - Move to Alert Level 2 receives mixed reactions from experts | View here 

Newshub - Whanganui grandmother counting down days to alert level 2 to be reunited with grandchild | View here 

Media release - Celebrating New Zealand aged care nurses on International Nurses Day | View here 


11 May 2020

Stuff - Move to Alert Level 2 receives mixed reactions from experts | View here


8 May 2020

NZ Herald Premium - Covid-19: 37 staff down, 3 residents positive; Inside the Atawhai Assisi Rest Home cluster | View here (Premium subscription required)

Stuff - Visitors welcome back to rest homes in Covid-19 alert level 2 | View here

RNZ - New screening criteria for aged care facilities | Listen here


7 May 2020

RNZ - Covid-19 screening expanded for rest home residents | View here 


2 May 2020

NZ Herald - A toll of 11: Inside the deadly Rosewood rest home cluster | View here

Stuff - Inside Rosewood: The rest home with over half of NZ's Covid-19 deaths | View here 


30 April 2020

Stuff - Aged-care sector doing its utmost to protect the vulnerable | View here

Stuff - NZ Aged Care Association gets audience with Ministry over rest home testing | View here


28 April 2020

Newsroom - Slow movers on PPE called out | View here


24 April 2020

Newshub - Rest home residents call on Ministry of Health for increased coronavirus testing | View here


23 April 2020

Stuff - Ministry's refusal to allow testing of asymptomatic aged care residents criticised | View here 

Newsroom - Will pharmacies, GPs and dentists survive Covid-19? | View here

Stuff - Coronavirus: Christchurch woman stuck in hospital unable to get Covid-19 test | View here 

Newshub - Ministry of Health continuing rest home audits during COVID-19 lockdown prompting 'huge concern' | View here

Stuff - Coronavirus: $26m aged care top-up doesn't go far enough, industry leader says | View here

Stuff - Christchurch woman stuck in heartbreaking 'predicament' given Covid-19 test to allow her to leave hospital | View here

Stuff - Ministry's refusal to allow testing of asymptomatic aged care residents criticised | View here


22 April 2020

New Zealand Parliament - Epidemic Response Committee Meeting Recording: Wednesday 22 April | View here 

Hansard Transcript Epidemic Response Committee 22 April 2020 | View here 

Radio NZ - Epidemic Response Committee challenges government's health responseView here 

Newshub - Coronavirus: Health workers threatened with disciplinary action for speaking out over PPE issues | View here

One News at Six - Clashes over rest home testing, flu vaccinations at Epidemic Response hearing | View here 

NZ Herald - 'Decades of neglect' of the health system have caused Covid-19 breakdown issues | View here 

Otago Daily Times - Health sector critical of Govt's Covid response | View here 

Star News - Govt criticised over flu vaccine 'debacle', Covid funding | View here 

Newshub Wednesday 22 April | View here  


21 April 2020

Stuff - Hutt Valley DHB backs down, allowing 93yo to have Covid-19 test against government advice | View here


18 April 2020

Stuff - Government funds $276m for PPE, Pharmac and residential aged care | View here 

17 April 2020

Newsroom - Why rest homes will get millions from taxpayers | View here


15 April 2020

ODT - Aged-care facilities in focus as deaths rise | View here 

NZ Herald - Targeted inspections of aged-care facilities after rest-home outbreaks | View here 

Stuff - Aged care facility at centre of sixth significant cluster in Auckland | View here

NZ National Party -  Rest homes should have testing kits | View here


14 April 2020

RNZ Conan Young - 'Requests fallen on deaf ears': Rest homes consider buying Covid-19 tests | View here

RNZ Morning Report - Coronavirus: Aged Care Association CEO on plan to buy test kits | Listen here

Newsroom - Rosewood residents relocated, isolated | View here

TNVZ Breakfast 14 April | Watch here (from 34'35”)

Newstalk ZB - Aged care review announced as death toll grows |  Listen here 

RNZ Checkpoint - Some exceptions for visiting dying relatives at rest homes | Listen here 

One News at Six 14 April | Watch here

NZ Herald - Aged care review announced as Christchurch's Rosewood Resthome death toll reaches 6 | View here 


13 April 2020

NZ Herald - Covid 19 coronavirus: New Zealanders should 'take heart' in declining case numbers but grave fears remain for a group of dementia patients | View here

Newstalk ZB – Calls for mandatory testing of people moving into rest homes after deaths | Listen here


12 April 2020

Newshub - Rest home bosses perplexed at lack of COVID-19 testing for new residents | View here 

Newshub - Coronavirus: Ministry of Health stands by not testing all new rest home residents | View here

Stuff - Another lonely death from Covid-19, as the virus spreads into another aged care home | View here

Stuff - Coronavirus: Deficiencies found at rest homes with Covid-19 cases | View here

Stuff - Coronavirus: A warning of more Covid-19 deaths as New Zealand marks a three-week low in new cases | View here

One News at Six | Watch here

Newhub 6 O’Clock News | Watch here


11 April 2020

Media Release - Aged Care Association renews call for COVID-19 testing for all new resident admissions | View here

Stuff - Scores of cases at rest homes, deaths a 'tragedy waiting to happen' | View here

Stuff - Coronavirus: Man in 70s becomes second Rosewood Rest Home death, fourth nationwide | View here

Stuff - Coronavirus: George Manning rest home in Christchurch reports 14 cases of Covid-19| View here

One News at Six | Watch here


6 April 2020

RNZ - Health staff working to deal with Dementia care facility COVID-19 cluster | View here 


5 April 2020

Newshub - New rest home residents now need negative COVID-19 test first | View here 

4 April 2020

Media Release - New aged care admissions policy for rest homes COVID-19 | View here 

NZ Herald - Rest homes get tough on new residents - no admittance without virus test | View here

RNZ - Rest homes will not admit residents without a negative Covid-19 test | View here 


1 April 2020

RNZ Nine to Noon - Minister Iain Lees-Galloway and CE Simon Wallace speak to Kathryn Ryan on immigration changes | Listen here  

27 March 2020

RNZ Nine to Noon - CE Simon Wallace speaks to Kathryn Ryan on ARC staffing issues | Listen here  (from 12'17")

23 March 2020

RNZ Checkpoint - Covid-19: Concerns for elderly under NZ lockdown | Listen here

18 March 2020

Newsroom - COVID-19 Elderly people's double pandemic risk  | View here 

8 March 2020

Newstalk ZB - Simon Wallace and Dr Ayesha Verrall with the latest on COVID-19 | Listen here 

4 March 2020

TVNZ - 'NZ rest homes 'not geared up' for coronavirus outbreak, calls for national action plan' | View here 

3 March 2020

NZ Herald - 'Coronavirus: Rest homes, retirement villages plead for national aged care response plan' | View here 

RNZ Checkpoint - 'Rest home worries over Coronavirus: They are ignoring us' | View here

1 News at Six | Watch On Demand

Newshub | Watch On Demand 

Media Release - Urgent national co-ordination needed on COVID-19 to support rest homes and retirement villages | Download here