NZACA media coverage relating to COVID-19

From 1 May 2021, all media coverage can be found here.

27 April 2021

ABC News (Australia) – New Zealand’s vaccination program is built on Pfizer and a plan to take it slow | View here

22 April 2021

Stuff – Resident, who is 101, gets Covid-19 vaccine as rollout occurs at aged care facilities in Wellington region | View here

19 April 2021

Newshub – Palmerston North rest home residents still six weeks from being vaccinated as trans-Tasman bubble opens | View here

14 April 2021

Stuff – Top of the south ‘setting benchmark’ for Covid vaccinations in rest homes | View here

8 April 2021

RNZ Checkpoint – Rest homes still waiting for Covid-19 vaccination start date | View here

15 February 2021

Stuff – Rest homes and retirement villages halt visits to vulnerable elderly in short, sharp lockdown | View here

3 February 2021

Newstalk ZB  – Retirement village operator adopts strict new Covid jab hiring policy | Listen here

Otago Daily Times – No jab, no job: Retirement villages’ new staff will need to be vaccinated | View here

1 February 2021

RNZ – Covid-19: Strong argument for mandatory vaccination for some workers – law expert | View here

3 December 2020

Newshub – Vulnerable elderly clamouring to be first in line for COVID-19 vaccine in New Zealand  | View here

26 November 2020

Stuff – After 20 unsuccessful job applications Covid returnee wonders if she belongs in NZ  | View here 

23 October 2020

NZ Herald – Serious health workforce burden looms: Experts say more migrant workers needed | View here 

14 September 2020

RNZ – Covid-19: Aged care restrictions will remain despite possible Alert Level changes | Listen here

4 September 2020

Newsroom – In-house testing at rest homes mulled | View here

2 September 2020

The Spinoff – Confusion over what ‘alert level 2.5’ means for Auckland rest homes | View here

NZ Herald – The ‘new normal’ of visiting New Zealand aged care facilities | View here

31 August 2020

RNZ – Only some Auckland aged care facilities moving to level 2.5 | View here

20 August 2020

RNZ – New Zealand’s aged care association members take no chances | View here

18 August 2020

Newshub – COVID-19: Anger as Auckland rest home keeps elderly in rooms for five days as precaution | View here

17 August 2020

Stuff – Coronavirus: Aged care homes to stay in level 4 lockdown until | View here 

16 August 2020

RNZ – Push for aged care staff to be tested on site | View here

Newshub – COVID-19: Rest homes say they’re still not getting enough PPE | View here

14 August 2020

Stuff – Aged care better prepared for Covid resurgence but gaps remain | View here

Stuff – Coronavirus: Elderly community ready for Covid-19 lockdown | View here

13 August 2020

Otago Daily Times – Rest-homes snap back into lockdown | View here

NZ Herald – Covid 19 coronavirus: Alert level 2 quashes events around Northland | View here

RNZ -Covid-19: Rest homes in lockdown | Listen here

12 August 2020

Newstalk ZB – All NZ rest homes move to alert level 4, ‘full lockdown, no family visits’ | View here

RNZ – All rest homes going into level 4 lockdown for three days | View here

NZ Herald – Covid 19 coronavirus: All NZ rest homes move to alert level 4, ‘full lockdown, no family visits’ | View here

NZ Herald – Covid 19 coronavirus: Whanganui reacts to move back to level 2 | View here

Stuff – Coronavirus: All rest homes locked down as ‘extra precautions’ taken to protect aged-care sector  | View here

Stuff – Taranaki District Health Board meeting to plan services for level 2 | View here

Stuff – Business as usual at Taranaki hospitals during alert level 2 | View here

Newshub – Coronavirus live updates: COVID-19 in community, Auckland going to level 3 | View here

Otago Daily Times – Southern rest-homes ‘fully prepared’ for lockdown | View here


17 June 2020

Newsroom – Health board’s PPE squeeze revealed | View here

12 June 2020

NZ Herald – Covid 19 coronavirus: Aged care/rest home review finds delays meant outbreaks ‘accelerated’ | View here

RNZ – Aged care staff unfamiliar with Covid-19 epidemiological terminology – report | View here

Otago Daily Times – Infections worsened by delay | View here

NZ Doctor – Aged care sector welcomes Covid-19 cluster review report | View here

11 June 2020

Newshub – Coronavirus: Ministry of Health report reveals aged care staff were ‘highly stressed’ by lack of communication over COVID-19 clusters | View here 

RNZ – Aged care clusters introduced by staff or visitors – review | View here

RNZ Checkpoint – ‘We play a huge role’ in NZ health – Aged Care Association boss | Listen here

RNZ – Review shows rest home workers ill prepared for Covid-19 | View here

Stuff – Report on aged-care clusters reveals how virus got in to facilities | View here

NZ Herald – Covid 19: Rest home review finds confusion and lack of PPE as virus struck | View here

1 News – All rest home Covid-19 clusters were started by staff or visitors, review finds | View here

RNZ Checkpoint – Aged care faces crisis as nurses paid less than DHB peers | Listen here

5 June 2020

Stuff – Aged-care nurses fed up with wage disparity launch campaign for fair pay | View here

28 May 2020

NZ Herald – Coronavirus: Dangerous testing gaps not rest home’s fault, says Aged Care Association | View here

22 May 2020

Stuff – Coronavirus: Low staff levels must be part of any reviews into rest home outbreaks | View here

19 May 2020

NZ Herald – Covid-19 Budget fails aged care workers | View here

16 May 2020

NZ Herald – Covid 19 coronavirus: Inside the deadly St Margaret’s rest home cluster | View here 

13 May 2020

Stuff – Time to ‘loosen the rope’ in rest homes: Visiting rules in Covid-19 Alert Level 2 explained | View here

12 May 2020

RNZ – Today is international nurses day, aged care nurses underpaid | Listen here 

Newstalk ZB – How rest homes will operate under alert level 2 | Listen here

Newshub – How frontline medical staff celebrated International Nurses Day amid the coronavirus pandemic | View here

Seven Sharp – Seven Sharp celebrates nurses on International Nurses Day | View here

Stuff – Move to Alert Level 2 receives mixed reactions from experts | View here

Newshub – Whanganui grandmother counting down days to alert level 2 to be reunited with grandchild | View here

Media release – Celebrating New Zealand aged care nurses on International Nurses Day | View here 

11 May 2020

Stuff – Move to Alert Level 2 receives mixed reactions from experts | View here

8 May 2020

NZ Herald Premium – Covid-19: 37 staff down, 3 residents positive; Inside the Atawhai Assisi Rest Home cluster | View here (Premium subscription required)

Stuff – Visitors welcome back to rest homes in Covid-19 alert level 2 | View here

RNZ – New screening criteria for aged care facilities | Listen here

7 May 2020

RNZ – Covid-19 screening expanded for rest home residents | View here 

2 May 2020

NZ Herald – A toll of 11: Inside the deadly Rosewood rest home cluster | View here

Stuff – Inside Rosewood: The rest home with over half of NZ’s Covid-19 deaths | View here

30 April 2020

Stuff – Aged-care sector doing its utmost to protect the vulnerable | View here

Stuff – NZ Aged Care Association gets audience with Ministry over rest home testing | View here

28 April 2020

Newsroom – Slow movers on PPE called out | View here

24 April 2020

Newshub – Rest home residents call on Ministry of Health for increased coronavirus testing | View here

23 April 2020

Stuff – Ministry’s refusal to allow testing of asymptomatic aged care residents criticised | View here

Newsroom – Will pharmacies, GPs and dentists survive Covid-19? | View here

Stuff – Coronavirus: Christchurch woman stuck in hospital unable to get Covid-19 test | View here

Newshub – Ministry of Health continuing rest home audits during COVID-19 lockdown prompting ‘huge concern’ | View here

Stuff – Coronavirus: $26m aged care top-up doesn’t go far enough, industry leader says | View here

Stuff – Christchurch woman stuck in heartbreaking ‘predicament’ given Covid-19 test to allow her to leave hospital | View here

Stuff – Ministry’s refusal to allow testing of asymptomatic aged care residents criticised | View here

22 April 2020

New Zealand Parliament – Epidemic Response Committee Meeting Recording: Wednesday 22 April | View here

Hansard Transcript Epidemic Response Committee 22 April 2020 | View here

Radio NZ – Epidemic Response Committee challenges government’s health response | View here

Newshub – Coronavirus: Health workers threatened with disciplinary action for speaking out over PPE issues | View here

One News at Six – Clashes over rest home testing, flu vaccinations at Epidemic Response hearing | View here 

NZ Herald – ‘Decades of neglect’ of the health system have caused Covid-19 breakdown issues | View here

Otago Daily Times – Health sector critical of Govt’s Covid response | View here

Star News – Govt criticised over flu vaccine ‘debacle’, Covid funding | View here

Newshub Wednesday 22 April | View here

21 April 2020

Stuff – Hutt Valley DHB backs down, allowing 93yo to have Covid-19 test against government advice | View here

18 April 2020

Stuff – Government funds $276m for PPE, Pharmac and residential aged care | View here

17 April 2020

Newsroom – Why rest homes will get millions from taxpayers | View here

15 April 2020

ODT – Aged-care facilities in focus as deaths rise | View here

NZ Herald – Targeted inspections of aged-care facilities after rest-home outbreaks | View here

Stuff – Aged care facility at centre of sixth significant cluster in Auckland | View here

NZ National Party –  Rest homes should have testing kits | View here

14 April 2020

RNZ Conan Young – ‘Requests fallen on deaf ears’: Rest homes consider buying Covid-19 tests | View here

RNZ Morning Report – Coronavirus: Aged Care Association CEO on plan to buy test kits | Listen here

Newsroom – Rosewood residents relocated, isolated | View here

TNVZ Breakfast 14 April | Watch here (from 34’35”)

Newstalk ZB – Aged care review announced as death toll grows |  Listen here

RNZ Checkpoint – Some exceptions for visiting dying relatives at rest homes | Listen here

One News at Six 14 April | Watch here

NZ Herald – Aged care review announced as Christchurch’s Rosewood Resthome death toll reaches 6 | View here 

13 April 2020

NZ Herald – Covid 19 coronavirus: New Zealanders should ‘take heart’ in declining case numbers but grave fears remain for a group of dementia patients | View here

Newstalk ZB – Calls for mandatory testing of people moving into rest homes after deaths | Listen here

12 April 2020

Newshub – Rest home bosses perplexed at lack of COVID-19 testing for new residents | View here

Newshub – Coronavirus: Ministry of Health stands by not testing all new rest home residents | View here

Stuff – Another lonely death from Covid-19, as the virus spreads into another aged care home | View here

Stuff – Coronavirus: Deficiencies found at rest homes with Covid-19 cases | View here

Stuff – Coronavirus: A warning of more Covid-19 deaths as New Zealand marks a three-week low in new cases | View here

One News at Six | Watch here

Newshub 6 O’Clock News | Watch here

11 April 2020

Media Release – Aged Care Association renews call for COVID-19 testing for all new resident admissions | View here

Stuff – Scores of cases at rest homes, deaths a ‘tragedy waiting to happen’ | View here

Stuff – Coronavirus: Man in 70s becomes second Rosewood Rest Home death, fourth nationwide | View here

Stuff – Coronavirus: George Manning rest home in Christchurch reports 14 cases of Covid-19| View here

One News at Six | Watch here

6 April 2020

RNZ – Health staff working to deal with Dementia care facility COVID-19 cluster | View here

5 April 2020

Newshub – New rest home residents now need negative COVID-19 test first | View here

4 April 2020

Media Release – New aged care admissions policy for rest homes COVID-19 | View here 

NZ Herald – Rest homes get tough on new residents – no admittance without virus test | View here

RNZ – Rest homes will not admit residents without a negative Covid-19 test | View here

1 April 2020

RNZ Nine to Noon – Minister Iain Lees-Galloway and CE Simon Wallace speak to Kathryn Ryan on immigration changes | Listen here 

27 March 2020

RNZ Nine to Noon – CE Simon Wallace speaks to Kathryn Ryan on ARC staffing issues | Listen here  (from 12’17”)

23 March 2020

RNZ Checkpoint – Covid-19: Concerns for elderly under NZ lockdown | Listen here

18 March 2020

Newsroom – COVID-19 Elderly people’s double pandemic risk  | View here

8 March 2020

Newstalk ZB – Simon Wallace and Dr Ayesha Verrall with the latest on COVID-19 | Listen here

4 March 2020

TVNZ – ‘NZ rest homes ‘not geared up’ for coronavirus outbreak, calls for national action plan’ | View here

3 March 2020

NZ Herald – ‘Coronavirus: Rest homes, retirement villages plead for national aged care response plan’ | View here

RNZ Checkpoint – ‘Rest home worries over Coronavirus: They are ignoring us’ | View here

1 News at Six | Watch On Demand

Newshub | Watch On Demand

Media Release – Urgent national co-ordination needed on COVID-19 to support rest homes and retirement villages | Download here