Industry update

A regular update from the aged residential care industry on topical issues.

Equal Pay confusion

By Simon Wallace, Chief Executive, NZACA, 9 June 2016 My phone was running red hot with media calls when they confused a Joint Working Group (JWG) announcement on pay equity with...

Aged residential care occupancy for the 31 December 2015 quarter

By Alyson Kana, Senior Policy Analyst, NZACA For the third consecutive quarter national occupancy rates have remained steady.

Overall occupancy remains steady over the June and September 2015 quarters

By Alyson Kana, Senior Policy Analyst Overall occupancy of aged residential care beds remained relatively steady over the last two quarters (Figure 1).

Caring for the dying

By Simon Wallace, NZACA Chief Executive 19 November 2015 Palliative care is becoming a major issue for aged residential care homes.

Equal Pay Case Negotiations Positive Step

  By Simon Wallace, NZACA Chief Executive The Government’s announced that it will facilitate negotiations between unions and employers to settle caregiver equal pay claims.