Industry update

A regular update from the aged residential care industry on topical issues.

Harsh Realities of Pay Equity Implementation

We continue to be committed to the pay equity settlement, but its speedy turnaround from announcement of the rates in mid-May to implementation on 1 July has some harsh realities...

Immigration policy changes threaten care of older New Zealanders

Care of older New Zealanders could be compromised under proposed changes to Essential Skills visa settings.

ARRC Services Agreement for 2017-18

By Simon Wallace, Chief Executive, NZACA While most of members I have spoken to about the ARRC Services Agreement have been supportive of the increases, some have questioned me as to...

Aged residential care occupancy for 31 December 2016 quarter

By John McDougall, Data Analyst, NZACA The national occupancy figure for the quarter ending September 2016 is at 86. 7% (Figure 1, red line). This is down from 88.

New Strategic Plan - our future's in our hands

By Simon Wallace, NZACA Chief Executive Our future is in our hands! That’s at the heart of NZACA’s new strategic plan that we presented to members at the strategy session at...

Valuing the migrants in our workforce

New immigration changes threaten the quality of care our sector can deliver to the country’s elderly.

  • Posted 3 years ago by NZACA Chief Executive Simon Wallace

Palliative care needs projected to soar

A new report projects the number of Kiwis dying in aged residential care homes is set to soar by 84% over the next several decades, backing NZACA’s call for increased...

  • Posted 3 years ago by Chief Executive, NZACA and Simon Wallace
Enter Your Awards

Enter Your Awards

 By Simon Wallace, Chief Executive, NZACA, 27 June 2016 Enter your awards – and reap the benefitsEvery day in this role I am consistently awed by the dedication and commitment of...

Equal Pay confusion

By Simon Wallace, Chief Executive, NZACA, 9 June 2016 My phone was running red hot with media calls when they confused a Joint Working Group (JWG) announcement on pay equity with...

Aged residential care occupancy for the 31 December 2015 quarter

By Alyson Kana, Senior Policy Analyst, NZACA For the third consecutive quarter national occupancy rates have remained steady.